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What is Beeswax?

This affordable Cosmetics Grade White Beeswax is bleached and refined and comes in bead form. Just like pure Beeswax, it is used as an emollient and for skin conditioning and is also popularly used for its emulsifying and stabilising properties and is an excellent thickener.

White Beeswax Beads are ideal for use in lip balms and glosses, body butters and face and body balms and retain physical and chemical properties comparable to normal Beeswax, despite being partially synthetic.

What are the benefits of using Beeswax on your skin?

It is an essential product in any balm making and an excellent thickener. Known for its ability to hydrate the lips, it creates a protective barrier over them to help the balm stay put.

What are the benefits of using Beeswax on your hair?

The texture of beeswax makes it an ideal product for use on hair as it can aid in sealing split ends. It is also great for locking in moisture, containing vitamin A.

What does Beeswax look like?

White in colour, this Beeswax comes in a convenient bead form.

What does Beeswax smell like?

It has no distinct aroma.

How to use Beeswax

With a high melting point of 61-65c, use between 1-20%.

History and origins of Beeswax

It is a by-product secreted by worker bees to strengthen and protect the honeycomb walls within the hive and does not affect or detract from the bees quality of life when extracted.

How is Beeswax made?

It is melted and filtered naturally. This White Beeswax is cosmetics grade and is bleached and refined.

Is Beeswax suitable for vegans?



Paraffin, Glyceryl palmitate and stearate, Beeswax and Stearic acid

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