Dos & Don’ts

Dos and Don’ts when submitting recipes for assessments

When submitting your recipes for assessment (which you need to do for the comprehensive assessments rather than the starters) you need to download and fill out one of our CPSR Forms. Once you have filled in the form, it needs to be sent to along with all the relevant documents. Here are some handy tips with regards to submitting your recipes for assessment -

Did you know? Not submitting your recipes correctly means the assessment process will take longer – so getting it right first time is important if you want your assessment done ASAP. 



DO submit all the technical documents for each ingredient as attachments to your email – if this takes a number of emails, this is fine.

DO double check all the relevant documents are included.

DO read our Assessment FAQ to make sure you are as clued up as possible – we are always adding to these helpful documents/information sheets, so please do have a read each time you think of a question.

DO be patient and please remember that our lovely Assessment Advisor Team are trying to help as many people as they can in the shortest time possible.


DON’T send links to websites for documents.

DON’T send zip files

DON’T use percentages. Please use grams or ml/drops (20 drops or more must be measured in ml or better still, grams).

DON’T use spoons, cups or pinches as measurements, everything needs to be exact and those measurements are not precise enough.

DON’T send documents in via the post. Everything report-wise is done via email so please edit the form digitally and send your form and documents over via email to .