Our Story

Hi, I'm Jessica Smith, the founder of Naturally Balmy.
I have always had sensitive, problem skin. I started Naturally Balmy after a well known skincare brand designed to improve my skin, actually made it worse. I thought, there must be a better way. I wanted to strip back my skincare and only put 100% natural, pure, nourishing ingredients on my skin. 

After taking an Aromatherapy course, I was hooked. I never knew that so many wonderful essential oils, vegetable oils and botanical extracts existed, and was amazed at the multitude of skin benefits they could offer. Yet a lot of the big skincare brands use so little in their products. Despite marketing their products as 'containing plant extracts' etc, in reality they only consist of a few % of pure or active ingredients. The rest can be cheap fillers such as silicone and petrochemicals (paraffin, mineral oil etc).

So I wanted to create a skincare brand where every single ingredient was designed to nourish the skin. We don't use pore-blocking fillers such as silicone or paraffin, we use pure plant or vegetable oils such as Rosehip, Jojoba or Argan oil, even in our cheaper products such as shower oils. Even in our creams, we use organic floral waters in place of ordinary spring water, so you are getting the most nourishment and skin benefits as possible from the cream.
You'll find a lot of our products are made with 100% oils & butters, i.e. water-free, so we are able to make them without the need for preservative.
While researching suppliers for making my own brand of skincare, I realised there was a lack of suppliers with quality ingredients. So I set out to sell my own quality supplies which I sourced from various different suppliers to become a one-stop shop for quality skincare making supplies. My first product I tried making, with great success, was lip balm. But there was a lack of a diverse range of lip balm supplies, so I became the only supplier who specialises in lip balm making supplies.

From there I started selling all sorts of Cosmetic Packaging, Safety Assessments, ready-made Cosmetic bases and more, so that anyone - including complete beginners - need only Naturally Balmy from start to finish of their skincare making (and selling) journey.

Our Customer Service Guarantee
Here at 'NB' I am pleased to say we have have built up a reputation for giving excellent helpful & friendly customer service, and we aim to keep it that way!

Our Ethical Ethos
We strive to be as ethical as possible; all our cosmetic packaging is fully recyclable, and we also use recycled / biodegradable bubble wrap & bags where possible.

Kind to Animals
We have never tested and will never test on animals, and we make sure all our suppliers are cruelty-free too. Most of our products are vegetable or plant-based, so suitable for vegans. Although beeswax can be found in some of our products, making them non-vegan, it should be noted that using beeswax doesn't mean it is cruel to animals. Beeswax is simply a by-product the bees produce in the hive, and neither the bees nor the hive are harmed in any way during the process. 
Unfortunately, many products were tested on animals in the past and sometimes this historical information will appear on safety data sheets. 
Please click here to view our Animal Testing Statement. You can also view our No-Child-Labour Statement for pearlescent micas by clicking here.
Why Should You Buy From Naturally Balmy?
  We are a caring, family-run company.
  You are always treated as an individual, not a number, and we pride ourselves on maintaining our high standard of excellent customer service.
  Our ethos is to supply you with the most high quality products at affordable prices.
  We dispatch most orders within 1 - 2 working days.
  We always answer your queries within 24 hours.
  We are always here to help so if in doubt, please get in touch!
We sell in small quantities as well as bulk, because everyone should be able to make their own natural products - after all, it's fun, cheaper and so much better for your skin than many of the products available in high street shops. We would never go back to using synthetic products!
Happy Balm Making!
Naturally Balmy x