Pre-Assessed bases / Private label faq

Pre-assessed / Private Label Products FAQ

We offer a range of fully finished wholesale cosmetic products which are ready to be sold and placed on the retail market as they are, with no additions (in many cases they have scent already added). Whether you are buying our pre-assessed bases or the fully packaged private label products, they are designed to be sold under your own branding. They all have safety assessments in place for them, so no further assessment is required. This section will help you with any other questions you have in regards to selling them under your own brand.

What is the difference between Private Label & Pre-assessed Bases? The private label products are fully packaged individual cosmetic products that only require you to label them. The pre-assessed bases are fully finished bases ready to sell also, but just need to be decanted into your own packaging. We sell a range of cosmetic packaging you can use here.

Can I sell them under my own branding? Yes you can sell them under your own brand under our assessment.
Do I need a Safety Assessment? Or do you have them in place?
We have all the correct CPSRs (Safety Assessments) in place for both our private label and pre-assessed products, so there is no need to get your own.

Are the Hand / Body creams suitable for use on the face? No, unless we have a specific product for facial use, it would not be suitable for use on the face.

Can I call them different names to what you call them? Yes you can sell them under your own brand with your own names.

Could I use your Safety Assessment to just make it myself, using your ingredients? No, it doesn't work like that unfortunately - you can use the safety assessments we have, but these are valid for our finished bases only; if you wanted to actually make the products yourself, whether or not it's using our supplies, you would need your own assessment.

What else do I have to do to sell these products legally? You need to create a PIF (Product Information File) and include our assessment within this file. (The safety assessment should be available to download within the individual product descriptions). You also need to notify this product on the CPNP (EU portal) and make sure your labelling is correct. We have help sheets for this which we can send you upon request (with the purchase of any of the pre-assessed products); just email 

Am I the RP (Responsible Person) for this product, or are you? You are the RP for this product so you will need to create the PIF and notify it on the CPNP.

Do I need to put your name on the label? No, as you are the RP (Responsible Person), you just put your own name on the label.

Do I need to notify the product on the CPNP (portal), or do you? You do - see above.

Do I need insurance? Yes insurance is a very good idea, as some craft fairs will not allow you to have a stall without insurance. For small scale businesses, we would recommend for insurance.