New ecoSilk - natural alternative to silicone

Introducing our fantastic new product called 'EcoSilk' - it's is a colourless and odourless vegetable-based emollient that is 100% biodegradable, made from renewable natural sources such as sugar and coconut. It possesses unsurpassed unique and amazing qualities.

A great natural alternative to silicone, it gives your creams, oils and butters a silky, elegant feel, and increases spreadability.

It dramatically improves the textures of creams and butters that have been made with high amounts of vegetable oils, butters and waxes by making them feel lighter and more elegant to the touch. it also reduces the 'whitening' effect these creams have on the skin, and improves the spreadability of oils, making them lighter and less greasy.

It is ideal for use in sunscreen formulations as it helps to disperse the inherent powders (i.e. titanium dioxide) by helping the cream spread further, making it feel light and comfortable on the skin, reducing tackiness. It also reduces the whitening effect of the SPF.


*An extremely powerful waterproof makeup remover that doesn't irritate the eyes.

*Mix it in with your body/face oil formulas to give a 'degreasing' effect.

*Helps increase the spreadability of sun creams and reduces the whitening effect.

*Makes creams and butters lighter and more silky & elegant to the touch.

*In hair products, it leaves hair silky and smooth and makes extremely good hair serums.

*EcoSilk is able to mix normally unmixable ingredients and helps to eliminate oil separation in emulsions. It can also help to clarify bath oils.


Soluble in oil and ethanol. Heat stable up to 66°C - so in creams, add after emulsification (stage 3) and in butters, add after melting other ingredients. Not suitable for use in water only products like toners. Use at 1% to 10% in creams and lotions and up to 50% when combined with oil to make dispersible bath oil blends.


36 months in an unopened container


Isoamyl Laurate, Isoamyl Cocoate


100% Natural, derived from sugar beet & coconut.

No preservatives needed in waterless formulations.


Shea & Almond Body Butter

61% Organic Shea butter
20% Sweet almond oil
15% Ecosilk
3% Vitamin E
1% Essential Oils of your choice

Melt the shea butter and almond oil together until nearly melted. Blend well. Add the ecosilk and continue to whip. Add the Vitamin E and essential oils, place in the fridge for 10 minutes then give it a final whip before transferring into jars.

Eye Make-up Remover

40% Ecosilk
30% Camellia Seed Oil
20% Castor Oil
9% Olive Oil
1% Vitamin E

Mix all the ingredients together well and transfer into bottles.
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