How To Fight Frizz This Summer

With summer comes humidity and the dreaded unruly, frizzy hair. Most de-frizzing products on the market are choc-full with silicones and damaging chemical formulations that are no good for your tresses. So today we’ve got a great natural alternative to keep the frizz at bay and keep locks smooth and shiny, even in the most balmy weather.

Summer De-Frizzer Serum:


15ml Eco Silk

10ml Jojoba Oil

5ml Vitamin E Oil

10ml Argan Oil

Apply just a couple of drops of this serum and smooth through mids to ends. It won’t weigh hair down, but will work in any weather to tame any fly-aways and hold back the frizz. This recipe can be put into one of our 50ml bottles - handy to travel around with and pop in your bag.

Dry Shampoo:

Here’s a quick bonus recipe if you’re on the go this summer and want to quickly spruce up your hair and get rid of any grease and oil without using an aerosol.


50g Cornflour

5 drops Essential Oil of choice

Mix together thoroughly, keep in an airtight container and sprinkle a little onto roots when needed. Massage in and use a brush to distribute the formula.

A great tip is to also start using a conditioning mask or hot oil treatment for the hair regularly. This will help improve the overall condition of roots and ends, giving you healthy, shiny, more manageable locks. Try heating a little jojoba in a bain-marie until warm, not hot, and massage through the hair, cover with a wet, hot towel for an hour and rinse off.
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