sandalwood essential oil mix (commercial grade)


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PLEASE NOTE: This product has changed slightly to what it was before. It now contains fragrance as well as essential oils. To purchase the pure essential oil, please click here.


This commercially blended oil uses other essential oils and fragrance materials to produce a convincing Sandalwood aroma at a much reduced price.

A commercial grade Sandalwood blend seeks to provide a sandalwood-like aroma at a much reduced price. Depending upon availability and manufacturer our commercial grade sandalwood oil can use various other essential oils such as Amaris Oil or Cedarwood Oil together with other aromatic materials to achieve this. The current information provided on our technical documents should reflect the make-up of our currently available stock and customers should be aware that this may vary from time-to-time due to factors beyond our control. Because commercial sandalwood oil is always a blend of materials and often these aromatic blends are considered confidential by the manufacturers, the correct INCI terminology would be 'Parfum'.

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