sandalwood essential oil dilution (5% in amyris essential oil)


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This is a 100% pure essential oil blend, consisting of 5% Sandalwood Essential Oil (Australian ) mixed with Amyris Essential Oil.

Sandalwood oil can help you get bright, clear and flawless skin by helping to heal skin infections and prevent skin ageing. It can be used to calm inflammation and prevent spasms, it is deodorising and helps drive stress and anxiety away and fight viral infections.

Inhaling the aroma of sandalwood oil transmits certain signals to a part of the brain involving the control of emotions. Known as the limbic system, this part of the brain also influences the nervous system to an extent. This can help in controlling the heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immune function.

Sandalwood oil is also a very good antiseptic agent; it can be externally applied to wounds, sores, boils, and blemishes to prevent them from becoming infectious.

Product Information

Santalum album (5%) in amyris balsamifera (95%)

Technical Documents

Sandalwood Essential Oil Dilution MSDS
Sandalwood Essential Oil Dilution IFRA
Sandalwood Essential Oil Dilution Allergens

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