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OliveM 1000 is vegetable based natural PEG-free emulsifier and thickener derived from olive chemistry. Often used as an emulsifying ingredient and as a thickener alongside other emulsifying ingredients.

Benefits include its pliable/spreadable creamy texture without a soapy effect. OliveM 1000 is a great option when you need to combine oil and water and do not want to use extra thickening/stabilising agents.

It is a complex combination of fatty acids that can form liquid crystal structures that mimic the lipids of skin. It can provide a deep moisturising effect without a soapy residue.

Product Information

INCI Name: Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate

Origin: Italy

Suggestions for Use

OliveM 1000 can be used as a standalone natural emulsifier or as a co-emulsifier in required. A versatile product and useful in, moisturisers, face cleansers, hydrating emulsions, mascara/eyeliner and self tanning products.

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