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Olive Squalane is an amazing, natural alternative to the silicones that you can usually find in commercial serums.
Olive Squalane has many benefits including softening the skin, improving elasticity, boosting cell regeneration and reducing the signs of ageing. Squalane is naturally produced by your skin until your mid 20s, helping to protect and moisturise it. It is great to start using Olive Squalane after your mid 20s as it has a very similar structure to the natural one that is produced by your skin.
Olive Squalane doesn't feel oily at all but leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth. Squalane is an odorless, colorless, non-staining oil that penetrates into the skin quickly and absorbs deeply to help fight dryness.
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Squalane (Olive)
Colourless Liquid
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