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Squalane (Olive)

What is Olive Squalane?

This is an amazing, natural alternative to the silicones that you can usually find in commercial serums. It doesn't feel oily at all but leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth. It is an odourless, colourless and non-staining oil that penetrates the skin quickly and absorbs deeply to help fight dryness.

What are the benefits of using Olive Squalane on your skin?

It has many benefits including softening the skin, improving elasticity, boosting cell regeneration and reducing the signs of ageing. Squalene (notice the spelling) is naturally produced by your skin until your mid 20s, helping to protect and moisturise it. It is great to start using Olive Squalane around this age as it has a very similar structure to the natural one that is produced by your skin.

What are the benefits of using Olive Squalane on your hair?

Often oils like Castor Oil can be beneficial for use on the hair, but on their own, they can be sticky and feel unpleasant to use. Combining these types of oils with Squalane makes the mixture feel much lighter and leave behind a more elegant feel.

What does Olive Squalane look like?


What does Olive Squalane smell like?


How to use Olive Squalane

Use up to 100% in products such as creams, lotions and serums for dry skin and in lip balms for moisturising. It is heat stable and oil soluble.

History and origins of Olive Squalane

Usually derived from Olive Oil, for many years it was obtained from shark livers and it is still possible to buy that today. However, whatever the source, it is not something we would recommend as Squalene is highly unstable and will oxidise quickly.

Squalane is Squalene that has been modified to be stable so that it does not oxidise.

How is Olive Squalane made?

It is stemmed from the oil extracted from olives. The oil is then cold-pressed from the fruit and afterwards processed into Squalane.

Is Olive Squalane suitable for vegans?


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Zakia Dawood
Zas hair bath & body

Very well packed. On time delivery. Will definitely buy again

Olive squalane

I love Squalane in face creams and serums, it is moisturising and has fabulous smoothing properties

Proscovia Zakhele
Love it

I absolutely love your product

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