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Coco glucoside is a type of alkyl glucoside derived from glucose and coconut oil. It is a natural and vegetable based surfactant, cloudy yellow in colour and viscous in consistency. Coconuts grow on the palm tree (cocus nuferia) mainly in lowland tropical parts of the world. Coco glucoside is a type of alkyl glucoside, which is formed by mixing alcohols and sugar or glucose.

Coco Glucoside is natural, biodegradable and safe for the environment. Coco-Glucoside is very mild and acts primarily as a gentle cleansing agent, suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It also works very well as an emulsifier aiding the combining of water and oils such as essential oils and some carrier oils.

Coco Glucoside is one of the mildest surfactants on the market. It works by breaking surface tension in liquids, which aids cleansing. It also possess excellent foaming properties and can maintain skin balance.

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Coco Glucoside

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Great in all foaming products including soaps, shower gels, shampoo, conditioner bubble bath, toners and facial cleansers. Its mild and gentle nature means it is an excellent option for baby products.

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Olivia Leigh
Coco Glucoside

Nicely packaged and arrived on time :)

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Absolutely fantastic as always great ingredients and selection of ingredients. Love it.

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good service

good service, good quality product

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