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This powerful oil is used with great success for digestive and skin problems and helps to balance the mind by clearing thoughts, stimulating the mind and dispelling the feeling of sluggishness.

By promoting sweating, cajuput oil cools down the body and helps with infections such as colds, laryngitis and bronchitis. It is also helpful for asthma, sinusitis and a sore throat.

Used in a steam inhalation it will effectively clear the nasal passages while inhibiting the bacteria in the mucus formed during colds and flu, which can lead to catarrh and sinusitis. It also has pain-killing properties which are useful in reducing the discomfort of sore throats and headaches that accompany colds.

It calms the digestive system, soothes colic, enteritis, dysentery, vomiting. Spasms, arthritis, rheumatism and muscular aches and pains can also benefit from it.

Not only does it help with skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis, it is also used to ward off insect bites from lice and fleas.

Product Information

Cajaput oil has a sweet rather penetrating smell; a sweet, strong camphoraceous aroma.

Oils to Blend with
Cajaput oil goes particularly well with angelica, bergamot, cloves, geranium, lavender, and thyme.

Latin Name
Melaleuca leucadendron

Extraction Method
 Cajeput is extracted from trees related to the Tea tree by steam distillation. The leaves and twigs are used to make the essential oil. 

Country of Origin

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