Make your own Aloe vera Juice / Gel

Aloe Vera Powder, 200:1 (Organic)
To Make Aloe Vera Juice / Gel using our Aloe Vera Concentrate:

To make aloe vera juice, simply add 10% (10ml) Aloe Vera Concentrate to 90% (90ml) spring water (at room temperature).
To make this into a gel, you can add 1% xanthan gum and whisk (on low) to thicken until the desired texture is reached. This gel will need to be preserved; you can do this by adding 1% Preservative (Plantaserve E or Preservative Eco).

To Make Aloe Vera Gel using our Aloe vera powder:

Add 0.5% (0.5g) Aloe vera powder to 99.5% (99.5g) spring water (at room temperature). Stir / whisk in until fully dissolved.
Then add 1% xanthan gum to thicken into a gel, whisking well. Then and add 1% Preservative (Plantaserve E or Preservative Eco)