The Wonders of Tamanu Oil

Relatively unknown this side of the Pacific until recently, Organic Tamanu Oil is well worth an introduction for its wondrous properties and amazing skin benefits. The natural nut oil is extracted from the kernels of the Tamanu Tree, indigenous to many tropical areas which has been used for some time in folk medicine to help heal cuts, scrapes, sores and scars. Its almost miracle healing abilities are due to its natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, as well as the ability to help promote the formation of new tissue and in turn the growth of healthy skin. This super oil can therefore help tackle signs of ageing, and as a still somewhat unknown ingredient, could easily be dubbed as one of beauty’s best-kept secrets!

This ‘regenerating’ effect on the skin is said to help reduce acne scars, whilst its gentle nature has made it naturally hypoallergenic, free from allergens, and perfect for treating many sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Tamanu oil even contains natural UV protection that can guard the skin against harmful rays and relieve inflammation, sunburn, as well as skin redness.

Impressed? Well these are in fact just a few of the natural properties and benefits found in Tamanu oil that have begun to be discovered!

Now its use in skincare is gaining popularity, not only for its lovely natural fragrance, but of course for the many benefits listed above. Included in creams, body butters, soaps, facial products and more, Tamanu oil is the perfect antidote for the harsh winter weather that brings the dreaded rough, dry and dull skin with it.

Used on its own as an indulgent facial oil at night can help perk skin back up, smooth and hydrate the complexion, or used more regularly as a treatment oil can help reduce redness, irritation and even spots.

Other popular uses for Tamanu oil include mixing it into massage blends for the body and into specific treatment products. Naturally Balmy’s Skin Rejuvenating Balm also includes it in its re-branded formula!
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