Natural Exfoliating Tips and Recipes For Summer

Whilst it might still be a bit dreary and damp outside, summer is almost upon us and in order to get summer-ready skin, exfoliation is a key part of a good routine. Face and body scrubs can easily be made up in the comfort of your own home with gentle, natural ingredients that can even be sourced from your own kitchen cupboard.

Exfoliators can be budget friendly, fun to make and the benefits also make any extra effort worthwhile. Scrubs can boost circulation, smooth rough or dry areas and leave your complexion looking radiant and feeling silky soft. Used regularly – once a week for sensitive skin or more for intense treatments – dull skin can appear brighter and healthier by the process of gently removing dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis.

For different skin types, a general rule of thumb is that normal or oily skin types that won’t get easily irritated can use coarser exfoliants, such as sea salt, whilst more delicate types should stick to milder ones like sugar or plant fibers to form the base of their scrub.

Gentle Honey & Coconut Face Scrub


20g Oatmeal

5 ml Honey

5ml Coconut Oil

This DIY recipe renews and soothes skin at the same time with healing honey and the calming properties of oats. To make, mix all ingredients together thoroughly and apply, gently massaging into skin for a couple of minutes before removing with warm water. This easy go-to recipe should be made in small batches and used up on the day.


Sweet Orange Cleansing Body Scrub


50g Dead Sea Salt

10g Kaolin

20ml Orange Flower Water

10g Glycerin

10 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

This recipe makes a more intense scrub and is ideally suited to oily skin types, but for a milder version simply swap the salt for fine sugar. The enriching ingredients help cleanse the skin, with kaolin clay helping to draw out impurities, whilst the orange water and essential oil help to tone as well as providing an uplifting aroma. Store this scrub in an airtight container and use within a month.


Softening Spearmint & Vanilla Foot Scrub


30g Sugar or Fine Salt

15g Ground Pumice

10ml Jojoba Oil

5g Unrefined Shea Butter

10 drops Spearmint Essential Oil

5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

1ml Organic Vanilla Extract

This last recipe is perfect for getting feet soft and smooth. The scrub moisturises with nourishing Shea Butter, whilst effectively exfoliating the hard skin with the pumice, with spearmint also added in for it’s fresh scent and anti-bacterial properties. To make, combine the ingredients (the Shea Butter may have to be warmed up), spoon into a container and use as desired.
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