Skin-Loving Ingredients For Colder Weather

British Summertime is officially over this month and the colder weather is already upon us. This means a harsher environment for our skin, and it can often be left dry and dehydrated as a result.

A simple way to avoid this is to include ingredients into your formulas that are rich, nourishing and will provide an extra good dose of hydration. If you’re unsure of where to begin, then here’s a small round-up of some gorgeous oils, butters and other wonder ingredients that’ll leave skin smooth to the touch and radiant during the months ahead.

Avocado Butter: This butter has a silky, soft texture, with excellent moisturising properties due to the high level of vitamins A, B, G and E it contains, that make it an essential inclusion in winter creams and balms. Its soft consistency also means it spreads easily onto the skin, and absorbs quickly.

Cocoa Butter: This delicious ingredient is not only packed with vitamin E, as well as a number of other skin softening properties that act as an emollient to skin, but the light ‘chocolately’ aroma of Organic Cocoa Butter is also good enough to eat and will provide a tasty addition to any product! Using a cold-pressed process also protects the vital anti-oxidants naturally present in the cocoa bean, with the result being a creamy, thick butter that helps combat dryness and protect skin against harsh conditions.

Virgin Coconut Oil: This high-quality, cold-pressed oil can repair skin, as well as help prevent wrinkles to leave a youthful glow due to its high lauric acid content. It’s a wonder ingredient for dry or flaky skin, and a great aid to many skin problems, such as dermatitis and eczema. The scent is also true to its origin, and provides an amazing, rich coconut aroma.

Macadamia Nut Oil: This is an ideal choice for mature skin due to the high mono-unsaturated fatty acid and palmitoleic acid content, making it a fantastic regenerative ingredient for the skin, and one that promotes a youthful, hydrated complexion. The texture is thick and soft, so particularly popular to use as a massage oil. The end result is smooth, soft, nourished skin.

Vitamin E: Popping a little of this powerful, natural antioxidant into the mix will offer a boost to any product. Full of skin-loving benefits, you only need a small amount of this thick, golden oil to add into treatment creams, cleanser and balms, and any other products you feel would benefit from this skin-enhancing ingredient.

Almond Wax: Beeswax is the traditional base to balms and many other rich, winter products, but if you’re looking for a vegan friendly and equally skin-nourishing alternative, then almond wax is a great choice. Made from Almond Oil, it helps to restore and replenish dry skin, and is ideal to use in lip and body balms, as well as creams.


If you’re already wanting to get to using these powerful, nourishing ingredients to whip up a wonderful product, then here’s a quick recipe to try:

Nourishing Winter Whipped Body Butter:

10g Almond Wax

10g Cocoa Butter

40g Avocado Butter

40g Coconut Oil

1g Vitamin E Oil

5-10 drops Essential Oil (optional)

To make this lovely, rich and super-hydrating body butter, simply melt the wax and butters together over a double boiler (bain-marie) and add in the coconut oil and vitamin E once off the heat. Let it cool down (you can put it in the fridge to speed this up), and then whip with an electric whisker. Put it in the fridge for a little longer, and then whip for a final time. Put into one big jar or little ones as gifts, and there you go!
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