get summer ready with our diy pedicure!

In the colder months we often wear closed shoes, thicker socks, and slippers around the house. Neglecting our feet is easily done, often resulting in them desperately needing some TLC.

With the summer fast approaching, it’s almost time to wear pretty sandals or go barefoot on the beach. Don’t panic, you’re still in time to prepare, and by following 5 simple steps and using the correct products, you’ll have your feet in tip-top-toe shape, ready for display!

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Is wearing closed shoes really that bad?

Allowing your feet to breath is important. Keeping them closed in all day can cause a variety of issues, including calluses, corns, bunions, not to mention muscle pain and poor foot posture. As the soles of your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body, changing your socks regularly, and choosing breathable materials can also help prevent nail infection, blisters, fungus, and bacterial infections.

Ready for the ultimate DIY pedicure? Follow these simple steps!

A daily routine is important to ensure your skin stays soft and that cracked heels, calluses and dry skin is kept at bay.

#1 – Wash thoroughly

Begin by washing the feet thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. You can make a gentle wash by adding a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to our Pure Organic liquid Castile Soap or Oat and Argan Hair and Body Wash Base.

#2 – Gently exfoliate

The next step is to gently exfoliate the skin. This will help prevent build-up of hard, dead skin, which over time can result in painful calluses. Try using our Organic Chocolate Mint Foot Scrub or our Organic Cooling and Exfoliating Foot Scrub for a truly luxurious experience which will slough away those dead skin cells and leave your feet feeling silky-soft and energised.

#3 – Dry the skin

Once washed and exfoliated, dry the feet thoroughly with a soft towel, paying special attention to the areas between the toes.

#4 – Moisturise

Apply lotion to keep skin soft, massaging it into the feet in gentle, circular motions. Avoid the areas between toes, as too much moisture can cause infections such as athlete’s foot. Our Organic Foot Lotion is perfect for this purpose, as its lightweight formula easily absorbs into the skin, moisturising whilst also providing a protective barrier against dryness and providing a pleasant cooling effect. For feet that need a little extra TLC, try our Organic Argan and Mint Foot Butter. This wonderful product is intensely moisturising and contains ingredients that are known to have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, making it the ultimate ally for soft, healthy feet.

#5 – Treat your toenails to some colour!

Keeping the toenails trimmed regularly is important to avoid them rubbing against your shoes, which can be painful and result in injuries. Use a nail clipper, and cut the toenail straight across, avoiding cutting them too short or down the sides, as this may cause discomfort or ingrown nails. Gently file them instead if you find that they are difficult to cut. Use our Conditioning Cuticle Oil, a true miracle worker for dry cuticles that will leave the skin feeling moisturised and silky, whilst naturally softening the skin around the toenails. Apply your favourite nail polish as the perfect finishing touch, and show off your hard work!

Additional care tips

A daily routine is important, but sometimes a little extra care is needed.

  • Soak your feet once a week in warm water and Epsom Salts, for 10-15 minutes. This will help soften the skin even further.
  • Reveal smooth, soft skin by using a foot file or pumice stone. It’s best to do so when feet are dry, or if necessary, soak them first to soften the calluses. If using a pumice stone, wet the stone and gently rub it on the affected areas, rinsing when needed.
  • Apply a balm overnight to keep skin soft. Concentrate on areas with harder skin, such as the heels. Try our Natural and Organic Reflexology Foot Balm, which will nurture and revive dry, tense, and swollen feet, leaving a protective layer that keeps the skin moisturised and soft, without being too greasy.

Overall, it’s easy to maintain a quick foot-care routine. Having the right tools and products to hand makes the job a lot easier, so head over to to view our range of foot-loving pre-made products, or to snap up some ingredients if you’d like to try making some yourself.

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