Face Masks: Which Clay To Use?

Using a face mask is a fantastic way to tackle skin issues and enhance skin tone and texture. What may work for one skin type may not work for another, so we’ve given a few basic recipes for you to be able to make your very own personal, pampering mask that meets the demands of your skin. Clays are often added as an ingredient to products to help draw impurities and promote clear skin. Many natural clays are available, each different colour holding specific natural properties, which can benefit various skin types enormously.

Dry or Mature Skin

Delicate French Pink Clay is an ideal ingredient to use for treating dry skin, and also works wonders on mature skin. Its skin softening effect refines skin texture and provides hydration through its moisturising properties. It further helps to firm and tone by improving connective tissue.

Try this gorgeous Pink Rose Mask:

Superfine Pink Clay

- 3 tsp Superfine Pink clay

- 1 tsp Organic Aloe vera gel

- 1 tsp Honey

- 2 tbsp Organic Rose water

- Few drops Organic Rosehip Oil

- Couple drops Vitamin E Oil

- Couple drops Rose Otto Essential Oil


Sensitive Skin

French White clay is perfectly suited to sensitive skin due to its gentle properties. Combined in a mask with other soothing ingredients, white clay will help cleanse and soften skin, as well as calm irritation. It is known to furthermore help stimulate circulation whilst cleansing and exfoliating, to refine pores and rejuvenate skin. Less absorbent than other clays, white clay is also suitable for normal skin types.

Try this Soothing Mask:

Superfine French White Clay

- 2 tsp Superfine White Clay

- 2tsp Milk

- 1 drop each of Organic Lavender and Blue Chamomile Essential Oils.

(Oily skin types: Use this mask by simply replacing the milk with Aloe Vera Juice).


Oily skin

Oily skin will benefit from French Green Clay that not only helps to reduce oil, but also draw out impurities. This absorbent clay will tone, stimulate and cleanse the pores. Combining this powder with tea tree will fight spots because of its antibacterial properties, whilst adding in lavender will also calm down inflammation.


Try this Spot-Fighting Mask:

 Superfine French Green Clay

- 1 tsp Kaolin

- 2 tsp French Green Clay

- 3 tsp Organic Tea Tree Water

- Few drops Organic Lavender Essential Oil
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