DIY Easter Themed Beauty Recipes

Easter is the perfect time of year to get a little more creative and have some fun with whipping up new beauty recipes. With chocolate being one of the main themes here, the recipes below show you how to make some luxurious treats that are exciting to create and indulgent to use.

Chocolate egg

Chocolate-Mint Body Butter Bar

This will make a scrumptious product, with an aroma reminiscent of mint-choc chip ice-cream, almost good enough to eat.

You will need:

100g Organic Cocoa Butter

20g Raw Cocoa Powder

10ml Argan Oil

20 drops Spearmint essential oil

To make, melt the cocoa butter in a bain-marie, let it cool for a little while once removed from the heat and then stir in the other ingredients. Find a soap mould or something similar and pour the mixture in. Pop in the fridge or leave to set overnight. Once hardened, remove the bar from the mould.

To use, simply smooth over skin, particularly over any rough or dry patches. The cocoa butter and Argan oil will nourish and moisturise.

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Perfectly sweet and a lovely gift to make (or keep), popping one of these ‘Easter eggs’ in the bath fills the room with a wonderful fruity and exotic fragrance, as well as producing one exciting fizzy display.

You will need:

Easter Egg Moulds

300g Citric Acid

600g Bicarbonate of Soda

30g Pink Clay

5g Monoi de Tahiti

0.2 mls Organic Strawberry Aroma

To make, add all the ingredients into a big bowl and quickly stir together. Fill each half of the mould with the mixture, press together and gently pop out. Repeat until all the mixture has been used up and leave the eggs to set for a few hours.

To use, pop one in a bath and relax.

White Chocolate Whipped Body Butter

This fluffy, light butter has a delicious chocolately scent and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft.

You will need:

150g Mango Butter

50g Organic Coconut Oil

2ml Organic Vanilla Extract

2ml Organic Chocolate Aroma

To make, just whip the mango butter (no heat required) until smooth and fluffy. Next add in the coconut oil and whip again. When happy with the consistency, add in the organic vanilla and chocolate extracts. Spoon into a sterilised pot and use daily on any dry areas.
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