Creating Summer Scents

With the arrival of summer beckoning, light, refreshing fragrances with fruity or citrusy tones seem to be the perfect call and always remind of us sunny days and warm weather. Making your own summer fragrance just in time for the months ahead is easier than you think and very fun to experiment with. Our essential oils, as well as fruit and plant extracts leave plenty of choice for endless hours of creating and mixing, and perfect for adding into other summer products too.

Not sure where to start? Try out these essential oils:


A fresh, clean scent with a citrusy undertone. It blends perfectly with other citrus oils and provides a refreshing scent that helps lift the mood and revive the mind.


A sweet and delicate, yet warming and soothing fragrance, Mandarin essential oil is often used to calm stress and anxiety. Its light, zesty notes are perfect in creating a refreshing, yet recognisable scent.


A stimulating, sharp and bitter sweet scent, with green top notes and citrusy undertones, lime is amazing for refreshing the mind. It is also great for fighting cellulite and toning the skin, so a fantastic addition to body products.

How about some irresistible and tempting extracts? . . .

Organic Coconut Aroma

This 100% real coconut extract has a rich, sweet and creamy tropical scent. Perfect to add into lip balms, body creams and soaps to get you dreaming of island paradise.

Organic Mango and Lime Aroma

This ready-made, natural aroma is such a treat, with its zesty citrus scent that combines sweet and sharp mango and lime to create one amazing, refreshing and tropical fragrance.

Natural Passion Fruit Lip Balm Flavour Oil

Passion fruit is addictive in the summer time. It’s lovely, rich juicy taste is just as good as it’s scent, and this naturally extracted flavour oil is absolutely delicious on the lips – almost good enough to eat.

Want a couple of ideas to get started? Here’s some great recipes to have a go at:

Summer Delight Perfume:

This fragrance blend is uplifting and refreshing, as well as delicious, and a perfect mix for summertime. Simply blend the oils into the jojoba, mix thoroughly and store in a glass bottle.


10ml Jojoba Oil

7 drops Mandarin essential oil

5 drops Grapefruit essential oil

3 drops Organic Mango and Lime Aroma

3 drops Sweet Orange essential oil

2 drops Vanilla Extract

NB: Citrus oils can cause photosensitivity so it is advised to avoid sunlight whilst wearing this perfume.

Hydrating Skin Toning Spritzer:

Skin toners can be great for balancing the skin, and amazing for hot summer days when skin needs cooling down. As well as refreshing, the natural and carefully picked ingredients that go into this spritzer ensure the skin also stays hydrated, calmed and soothed. To make, simply combine the ingredients and pour into a spray bottle.


40ml Organic Rose Water

50ml Organic Orange Flower Water

2.5ml Vegetable Glycerine

2 ml Organic Cucumber Extract

10 drops Organic Coconut Aroma
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