Create Your Own Pampering Day Spa

Create Your Own Pampering Day Spa

It’s easier than you think to create your very own pampering spa at home, full to the brim with luxurious and indulgent treats that will leave you relaxed and your skin feeling incredibly smooth, renewed and thankful! A perfect idea just before the summer months, set aside a day or even just a couple of hours to do our step-by-step how to ‘day spa’ …

1. Refining Facial Polish

Start off your pampering day with this brightening skin polish that acts to slough away dead skin cells, to leave lovely, smooth skin. With luxurious, natural essential oils, the polish has an uplifting citrus aroma, that works to provide added skin benefits and radiance.

2. Rejuvenating Face mask

After prepping the skin with the scrub, generously apply this rich mask over the face, being careful to avoid the sensitive eye area. This naturally rejuvenating mask contains soothing Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter, as well as detoxifying Green Clay that will draw out impurities.

3. Bathing Salts

After applying the face mask, draw a bath and pour in about a cup of Epsom Salt. This magic ingredient is amazing for the muscles, for relaxation and evens works to soften the skin. Indulge further and add a couple of your favourite essential oils in too.

4. Conditioning Coconut Hair Mask

Whilst relaxing, take a scoop of coconut oil that’s set aside and apply to the scalp. Leave for a good 15/20 mins, and even apply a shower cap or warm towel over it to get a more intense treatment. Coconut oil is a natural moisturiser and an incredibly hydrating wonder ingredient that also smells delicious if bought cold-pressed and unrefined like the Naturally Balmy Coconut Oil.

5. Bergamot & Orange Body Polish

Next, before getting out, apply this delicious salt scrub all over to leave skin feeling silky smooth and soft. Exfoliating will give a glow to the skin, whilst the hazelnut and jojoba oils added in to the body polish leave a lovely sheen and protect against dryness

6. Lavender & Neroli Body Butter

After a relaxing bath, apply this luxurious and delightful smelling body butter that will nourish and moisturise. With natural whipped butters and essential oils, this soothing and calming product makes the perfect addition to a pampering day that will likely send you off to sleep.

7. Rich Night Treatment

For the last step, a fun and easy, gorgeous night treatment can be made from pure Shea Butter. Make this at the beginning of the day by mashing up the butter and whipping it with an electric whisk till light and fluffy. Now you have your own therapeutic skin treatment cream that carries many wonderful benefits, from healing dry, cracked skin, to improving the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles. Be sure to apply just a small amount of this rich moisturiser.
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