Cocktail Mania

As you might have noticed lately, Cocktail Lip Balm flavours are becoming increasingly popular, whether it's Prosecco, Piña Colada or Gin & Tonic - they're everywhere!

So bang on trend, we have decided to stock a range of fun lip balm flavours such as cocktails, sweets & fruits to give you inspiration!

Created especially for Naturally Balmy, our Prosecco, Pina Colada & Mojito lip balm flavours are ready-made just for you to add straight to your lip balms in a generous dose of up to 5%. All IFRA compliant, the documentation for these is available to download straight from the description. So you can start making those popular flavours easily and quickly!

Alternatively, if you fancy being a bit more creative, why not come up with your own Cocktail Creations? Try mixing our Cola & Lemon Lip Balm Flavours together for a Long Island Ice Tea, or our Strawberry Lip Balm Flavour with Lime Essential Oil for a Strawberry Daquiri? Our Elderflower mixed with Prosecco has all the hallmarks of a Summer Garden Cocktail, while Strawberry & Prosecco could be Pink Champagne! As for Gin & Tonic, try mixing up Juniper & Lemon essential oils...the options are endless, and it's oh so fun experimenting.

Get Creating Now!
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