Carrier Oils: Their Benefits and Uses

Carrier Oils: Their Benefits and Uses

Carrier oils, also known as base oils and fixed oils, often form the foundation in which to add other ingredients into, for making products. Extracted from vegetables, leaves, fruits, nuts and seeds, these oils are safe to be used directly on the skin and carry no real scent. Their properties and characteristics alone can provide great benefits to individual skin types, as they are composed of triglycerides and fatty acids that give them their unique qualities, benefits and feel. They work perfectly in complimenting other richer ingredients, such as butters, but can be used alone for massage, body or face oils to heal and moisturise skin.

Chosen correctly, carrier oils can make a great difference in creating a product. Something to consider though is how quickly the oil will be absorbed into the skin as certain oils will stay on the skin, leaving a residue, whilst others will fully absorbed very quickly. Slow oils can be great for cleansers and masks, whilst quick oils will be perfect for creams and serums.

Here’s a chosen few of some of the most used and popular carrier oils:

Jojoba                     Suited to combination skin.

                                   Soothes, conditions, helps treat acne.

                                   Totally absorbed into the skin at a medium rate.


Sunflower             Suited to all skin types.

                                   Nourishing, conditioning, skin softening.

                                   Mostly absorbed into the skin at a medium rate.


Apricot Kernel    Suited to sensitive, dry and mature skin.

                                    Nourishing, soothes, anti-inflammatory.

                                    Mostly absorbed into the skin a medium rate.


Sweet Almond    Suited to all skin types.

                                   Nourishes, soothes, rejuvenates.

                                   Mostly absorbed into the skin at a medium rate.


In addition to these, there really are so many other oils to choose from, each with their own added benefits and characteristics. In formulating a face cream for healing dry skin, for instance, a number of different oils could be considered. For instance, Evening Primrose is excellent in treating dry, chapped skin, and absorbs quickly, whilst Argan oil is also perfect for hydrating, and protects the skin, keeping it supple.


Infusing Carrier Oils

A carrier oil also acts as a wonderful base with which to infuse herbs or flowers into. This transfers the properties of the herb or flower into the oil, as well as the scent, and works well in creams, ointments, and massage or bath oils. The best oil to use will be light, such as jojoba oil, sweet almond or apricot and peach kernel oil. They’re best bought cold-pressed so that all their rich benefits stay intact!


Try this natural method to slowly infuse your chosen herb or flower that will help retain their natural properties:


-         Fill a jar with chopped herbs or flowers and pour over the vegetable oil until the jar is full.

-         Tightly close the jar and leave it in a warm place (not in direct sunlight) for 2 weeks, shaking it twice daily. If using flowers they may have to be replaced every couple of days.

-         Strain through a muslin cloth or fine sieve and pour into a glass bottle.

Shelf Life

Carrier oils will generally keep well for a long time if stored in good conditions, in a cool, dark place, away from heat. Each individual oil will have its only shelf life, but most will be beyond a year. Jojoba, for instance, can keep for a good 5 years! Whilst Evening Primrose will last 6-12 months. To extend this, a natural preservative can be added to the oil, such a Vitamin E.

We carry an extensive and tempting range of various oils to use alone or formulate your products with. Take a look and enjoy experimenting with these wonderful ingredients!
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