yellow iron oxide pigment colour


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A very high purity Yellow Iron Oxide that meets all the requirements for use in cosmetics. Strong tinting strength and easy dispersibility.  Iron oxides are chemical compounds composed of iron and oxygen.

As well as being used in foundations, blushers, bronzers it makes a great addition to a lipstick base. Stable in cold process soaps. Also good for opaque melt & pour soaps.

EU Regulation: Approved for use in all cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical applications.

*As with all iron oxides grind them well together with your base to avoid streaking.

Product Information
How to use
 Ideal for use in foundations, blushers, bronzers, lipstick base, soaps, eyeshadows, cold process soaps.

Use sparingly as iron oxides are very strong pigments. 

The dosage to use in your products completely depends on the product you're making. The more you add, the more the colour will transfer. So always add less for a coloured product that you don't want to transfer onto the skin.
Pigment Yellow 42 (ci77492),
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