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Tocopherols & Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil.

What is Vitamin E?

It is a powerful antioxidant containing 70% tocopherols in Sunflower Oil. 100% naturally derived from a natural source (Non-Genetically Modified Soya Bean), Vitamin E can help slow oxidisation and help sustain the shelf life of products, making it an essential ingredient for your formulations.

What are the benefits of using Vitamin E on your skin?

The natural antioxidants in Vitamin E can help in protecting the skin from environmental damage. It acts as both a humectant and emollient and provides excellent moisturisation properties which help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

What are the benefits of using Vitamin E on your hair?

It is known to assist in hair growth and maintaining a healthy scalp due to its natural antioxidant effects.

What does Vitamin E look like?

A thick, golden coloured oil.

What does Vitamin E smell like?

Almost odourless or a weak, characteristic smell.

How to use Vitamin E

Usually use 0.5%-1.5%. As this product is not heat resistant, it should be added to your products in the cool-down phase (under 40c). It is oil soluble.

History and origins of Vitamin E

Blended from a natural mix of tocopherols and Sunflower Oil, it is refined and manufactured to be a superb antioxidant and prolong the shelf life of the products in which it is added.

How is Vitamin E made?

The classic synthesis of Vitamin E is via the condensation of Isophytol and Trimethylhydroquinone, its manufacturing largely depends on the production of these two materials.

Is Vitamin E suitable for vegans?



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Eliza Striunga

Vitamin E (Natural)

Julia Read
Excellent quality

I have been after some pure and natural vitamin E for years as I wanted to have it to be able to use in my own home made face masks and moisturisers. Therefore, I was really happy to have come across Naturally Balmy who offer such a diverse range of exceptional quality natural ingredients. Since purchasing vitamin E, I have used it in a variety of cleansers and moisturisers, both home made and bought from other brands. It gives a subtle glow to the skin and is extremely nourishing. I highly recommend it as it is also used to prolong shelf life of other products.

Rhi Mills

Exactly what I was after thank you

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