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Vetiver Essential oil has an earthy, smoky, oaky scent and is classed as a base note. Vetiver blends well with earthy, herbaceous and woodsy oils. The scent is not miles away from the inside of Whisky Barrels made from French Oak casks. There are clear citrus notes also present reminiscent of some of Vetiver's more well know relatives (lemongrass/citronella/palmarosa).

Vetiver can help to promote a night of restful sleep and stimulate circulation. Its aroma is best known for its balancing, calming and grounding effects which can help to soothe feelings of uncertainty, anger, anxiety, panic, distress and hysteria.

WARNING: Can also act as an aphrodisiac. For those overworked and mentally fatigued Vetiver can rouse men and women alike from their slumber and reawaken sexual desire.

Perfect in bath oils and (bedroom) diffusers.

Product Information

An earthy, woody scent, with a heavy viscous consistency and dark brown in colour.


Latin Name
Vetiveria Zizaniodes

Extraction Method
Steam distillation

Country of Origin

Blends With
Earthy, minty and woodsy oils

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