vanilla fragrance oil (super non-discolouring formula)


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This vanilla-like fragrance is made without any aromatic aldehyde content, giving it super-non-discolouring properties. Vanilla type fragrances will usually contain at least some aromatic aldehyde to try to mimic a true vanilla fragrance, but this can still cause slight yellowing over time in certain lines such as candles and other wax-based products. This fragrance avoids any fragrance-based discolouration properties associated with vanilla.
This vanilla fragrance oil has a sweet & creamy scent.

This fragrance oil can also be mixed with our Reed Diffuser Base to create unique scents for the home or workplace.

Product Information
 This fragrance oil is suitable for use in a wide range of cosmetics, such as bath products (soaps, bath bombs, bath & shower oils), face & body creams, home fragrance and more.

Not for lip use.

This product is vegan friendly.
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I personally don’t like this Vanilla oil, it definitely doesn’t smell like vanilla more liquorice and I hate liquorice, ordered this because there was a delay with my usual supplier decided to made a batch of cream for my customers and I couldn’t sell them the smell was awful!

Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Gorgeously creamy and sexy vanilla aroma, smells like vanilla cupcakes/ice-cream and so far smells really sexy with sandalwood fragrance oil and ylang-ylang in my body scrub and body oil formulations. 5 stars

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