superfine french white clay


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This Superfine French White Clay is considered the most gentlest, least absorbent of all clays so is ideal for sensitive skin.

This ultra-ventilated French White Clay has been sun-dried is subject to a series of inspections insuring a high quality fine powder is achieved.

Superfine French White Clay comes from the sedimentation of rocks washed with rainwater. This clay has a high content of aluminum, and a pH level of 5.

The gentlest of the clays, French white clay powder is cleansing, soothing and softening. Less absorbent than other clays, white clay is suitable for normal as well as sensitive skins.

It is highly beneficial for skin rejuvenation and will firm, tone and soften the skin. It will instantly lift skin, leaving you looking fresh and renewed.

French white clay powder is also used as a deodorant powder and an alternative to talc powder.

Product Information
Usage levels
5 - 40% in masks
White Pinkinsh

Between 8 and 9
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