starter vegan lip balm cosmetic safety report


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We have created this unique, flexible ready-made assessment for those who want a cheaper assessment using our Organic Vegan lip balm base with selected flavours (see below).

With this report, you can use only our Organic Vegan Lip Balm Base with the following additions:


Organic Coconut Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Organic Vanilla Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Organic Strawberry Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Organic Honey Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Organic Cherry Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Organic Berry Flavour Oil - Up to 2%

Peppermint Essential Oil - Up to 1%

Mandarin Essential Oil - Up to 2%

Prosecco Flavour Oil - Up to 2%


Pearlescent Candy Pink Mica Colour - Up to 10%

Pearlescent Jazzberry Mica Colour - Up to 10%

Pearlescent Sangria Mica Colour - Up to 10%

Pearlescent Coral Sparkler Mica Colour- Up to 10% 

Product Information

You can make all the flavours mentioned, using any combination of the colours with any flavour, but you cannot mix the flavours together. 

Please Note: Other additions are not allowed using this assessment. All the above flavours have to be purchased from us. If you want to use different flavours / colours, please purchase one of our comprehensive reports.

*Current Assessment Turnaround Time is 2-3 weeks from cleared payment*

What's Required From You

First of all, we don't need to physically see your products to produce your safety assessment. As this assessment is pre-written, no product details will be required from you - we just need your name and address to put on the certificate. This assessment cannot be changed in any way.
Now you can upgrade this assessment for hand/body/foot use, which means you will be able to sell hand, body or foot balms using the exact same balm base and variations. A brilliant cost effective way of expanding your range!

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