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Hippophae rhamnoides

What is Sea Buckthorn Oil?

Containing 30% Palmitoleic Acid, high levels of Vitamins A and E and other Bio-active substances, Sea Buckthorn Oil provides effective protection against free radicals and ageing of the skin. It is a nourishing, revitalising and restorative oil.

It also partially shields the skin’s surface from the sun’s UV rays, acting as a low-level sunblock. For this reason, it is a useful addition to sun care products.

What are the benefits of using Sea Buckthorn Oil on your skin?

Because of the oil's high concentration of vitamins that enhance skin growth, it is excellent for healing scars, burns, and wounds such as cuts and scrapes. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory agents help to heal skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and dermatitis.

Be careful when applying this oil to the skin, though - its high concentration of carotenoids can tint the skin to a light orange colour if it is used heavily.

What are the benefits of using Sea Buckthorn Oil on your hair?

Its fatty acids and vitamins can help to support the structure of the hair, while a regular scalp massage with this oil has been proven to increase the chances of thicker and fuller hair.

What does Sea Buckthorn Oil look like?

An orange - dark orange coloured oil.

What does Sea Buckthorn Oil smell like?

A unique scent which is often describes as fruity or slightly spicy.

How to use Sea Buckthorn Oil

There is currently insufficient reliable information on appropriate doses of Sea Buckthorn Oil. Please bear in mind that all natural products are not always necessarily safe on higher dosages, and the dosage you use can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels at all times. 

History and origins of Sea Buckthorn Oil

A shrub that is native to The Himalayas, this plant has been used for centuries to promote wound healing, cell rejuvenation and anti-ageing.

How is Sea Buckthorn Oil made?

Cold pressed from the fruit of the sea buckthorn plant. The fruit are small orange berries and are pressed at low temperatures to produce virgin Sea Buckthorn Oil.

Is Sea Buckthorn Oil suitable for vegans?


Fatty acids

Alpha-Linolenic Acid – 30-36; Gamma-Linolenic Acid – 30-36; %; Linolic Acid – 33-36; Palmitoleic Acid – 32-42%.

Natural contents

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E, Omega 3, 6, 9 and rare Omega 7, Palmitoleic Acid.

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