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Rosewood essential oil is useful for lifting depression, fighting frigidity and impotence and for skin rejuvenation. It has excellent cell stimulant and tissue regeneration properties, making it a valuable ingredient in mature skin care.

Rosewood oil will lift your spirits and have a balancing action effect on the mind and body. It is used with good results in reducing headaches, colds, coughs, fever and infections and is a boost for the immune system.

It is also excellent for wound and cut healing and can be found in some excellent ointments.

Its aphrodisiac properties help to combat sexual problems such as impotence and frigidity. It is an excellent oil to use in skincare, as it sorts out dull, dry and oily skin, while having a cell stimulant and tissue regenerating action on the skin which promotes rejuvenation of the skin.

Product Information

Oil Properties
The oil has a slightly spicy, floral and sweet smell.

It is extracted from the wood chippings by steam distillation.

Aniba Rosaeodora

Country of Origin

Rosewood oil is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing oil and is generally regarded as safe.

Although essential oils normally blend well with one another, Rosewood oil blends especially well with all citrus and floral oils.

Technical Documents

Rosewood Essential Oil MSDS

Rosewood Essential Oil Allergens

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