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The immune boosting Ravensara Wild oil is from the leaf of a variety of camphor tree in Madagascar. A warming, stimulating oil with a medicinal scent, camphorous with fruity notes and is classed as a top note. Ravensara blends well with camphoraceous, citrus and woodsy oils.

Ravensara is a good muscle relaxant and analgesic, good for the joints with pains and muscular tensions, and when linked to anxiety. The aroma of Ravensara is both mentally and physically stimulating. Making it a great choice to use in in massage, baths and inhalations.

Best used in soaps, massage oils, bath bombs and lotions.

Product Information


Colourless to pale yellow
Latin Name
Ravensara Aromatica

Extraction Method
Steam distilled from leaves

Country of Origin


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Ravensara Wild Essential Oil - All Docs 

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