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INCI name

Mangifera indica.

What is Mango Butter?

As an emollient, Mango Butter has a texture which is softer than Cocoa Butter yet has the same moisturising and repairing properties. It is often used on sun-damaged skin. It can be used in a variety of cosmetic preparations, from lip balms to body creams. It is harder than some other butters and therefore is ideal for use in thicker creams. High in Stearic and Oleic acids, it is also rich in vitamins A, C and E.

What are the benefits of using Mango Butter on your skin?

It is very soothing and can be used in creams, balms and soaps. With a low melting point, it melts into the skin beautifully.

What are the benefits of using Mango Butter on your hair?

Used in hair products, Mango Butter can be used as a conditioner, helping with sealing in moisture and reducing breakage.

What does Mango Butter look like?

Usually white, Mango Butter can sometimes have an off-white to beige appearance.

What does Mango Butter smell like?

Pure Mango Butter has a neutral aroma.

How to use Mango Butter

Use up to 100% of our Pure Mango Butter, it has a low melting point of 26c with good heat stability. It also has an excellent shelf life due to its high levels of unsaponifiable matter, making it an ideal base.

History and origins of Mango Butter

Mango Butter is extracted from the large seed of the Mango fruit, found throughout the tropical regions of Africa, South America, Southwest Asia and Australia.

How is Mango Butter made?

Extracted from the large seed within the fruit, Mango Butter is made free from chemicals and pesticides.

Is Mango Butter suitable for Vegans?


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Mango Butter MSDS

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Jason Brown

Pure Mango Butter (White)

Good product, poor packaging

The pure mango butter is lovely. Sadly, I found it difficult to get it out of the paper packaging with which it was sent. I eventually lost some of it as it was stuck firmly to the packaging. Please look into a more suitable packaging.

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