polysorbate 20


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Polysorbate 20 is a liquid emulsifier that helps combine water and oil. It acts as a solubiliser, allowing fragrance and essential oils to bind with water-based products. It’s widely used to make body and room sprays. It can also be used as a wetting agent, viscosity modifier, anti-stat, stabiliser and dispersing agent. This essential product can also soothe the skin and enhance fragrances.
This is a Vegan friendly product.

Product Information

Room sprays, body sprays, shampoos, pillow sprays, bath oils, creams, shower gels, cleansers, toners, liquid cosmetics

 Recommended Dosages
Mix 1 part of essential or fragrance oil to 1 part Polysorbate 20, blend, then add to your product.

Appearance and Texture
Odourless, viscous yellow to amber liquid

 Sorbitan Mono Laurate Ethoxylate 
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