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A beautiful vibrant green with a blue and gold undertone. Gorgeous in eyeshadows, blushers and highlighters.  

This pigment consists of Mica (an earth mineral), which is blended with titanium dioxide & chromium oxide green to produce a stunning green colour.

Interested in selling this mica as an eyeshadow, blusher or highlighter? if you are, we have a special Starter Assessment covering you to do so for this mica and many more, plus you can mix the micas together in any way you wish! For more information, click here.
This safe and non-toxic green colour produces a beautiful shimmering and glittering effect and is ideal for colouring, blushers, make-up and creams. It also works well for solid soaps (testing advised in CP soaps first) and fizzy bath bombs. You can even use it for liquid soaps / gels but, as with all powdered pigments, they will sink to the bottom if the consistency is not thick enough. They don't, however, stick to bath surfaces. 

EU Regulation: Approved for use in all cosmetics without restriction apart from lip products
Product Information

All our Mica Colours and Glitters are sourced ethically, with no use of animal testing or child labour.

How to use
To use in body balms, just add the powder straight to the melted mixture and whisk in thoroughly. You may wish to add more oil to the balm as the powder can have a drying effect.
Alternatively, you can add the colour to some glycerine to form a paste, then add it to your products.
You can add the colour straight to our Base Creams & Lotions, and it will mix in well as long as you stir in thoroughly.
You can use this gorgeous colour on its own as an eyeshadow.
The dosage to use in your products completely depends on the product you're making. The more you add, the more the colour will transfer. So always add less for a coloured balm that you don't want to transfer onto the skin that much, and more for higher pigmentation. 
Mica (C.I.77019), Titanium Dioxide (C.I.77891), 
Chromium Oxide Green (C.I.77288)
Suitable for vegans.
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