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Ideal for use as an enzyme peeling product, this Papaya Extract literally helps to peel away dead skin cells.

This Papaya extract is made in the UK from papaya flesh with glycerine.

Papaya flesh contains the papain, which is a protein-dissolving enzyme extracted from the milky white latex found in the biggest quantity in unripe papaya fruit. 

Product Information
 When used on the skin, it is excellent as an enzyme peeling product, it literally helps to peel away dead skin cells.
Good also for bruises, sprains and sore muscles
Gently removes skin cells from the surface
Unblocks pores
Makes skin smoother, brighter and softer
Assists the renewal of skin on its top layer
Reduces visibility of skin discolouration and sun spots
Fights deep wrinkles
Retextures dry, flaky skin
Which products to use it in
 Peeling products such as Peeling Creams, Lotions and Gels
Exfoliating Products such as Exfoliating Creams, Lotions and Gels
Scrubs for body, hand and feet
Water or oil-soluble?
Can I add it to oil serums or ready-made products?
You cannot add it to purely oil-based blends as it will separate but you can mix it into already-made products such as creams.
3-6% in all water-based products during the water stage or when the product is below 40c. Or you can mix in directly to ready-made water-based products such as ours.

Glycerin, Water, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Potassium Sorbate (0.4%), Sorbic Acid (0.1%)

Technical Documents

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