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This Organic May Chang essential oil is derived from the May Chang Fruit of Vietnam and is known as an 'oil of tranquility'.

May Chang helps to promote physical relaxation and mental calm and is recommended for those suffering from work related stress.

It has a sweet and sharp aroma that smells similar to lemongrass but softer. It’s antispasmodic and often used for indigestion especially when very gassy. May Chang fruit also helps to improve breathing problems.

Very effective when treating problem skin conditions such as greasy skin, acne and dermatitis. It is calming and anti-inflammatory but only use in low dilutions and not on broken skin as it may irritate. It also helps to control excessive perspiration so consider using it in body wraps.

Is an insect repellent so could be used in holiday shampoos. It also fixes the fragrance of the more volatile citrus oils like grapefruit.

Product Information

Oils to Blend with
Combine with frankincense and rosemary to help deepen the breathing.

May irritate sensitive skin so best to avoid during pregnancy.

Latin Name
Litsea cubeba

Extraction Method
Steam distillation

Country of Origin


Technical Documents

Organic May Chang Essential Oil MSDS

Organic May Chang Essential Oil SPEC, IFRA & Allergens

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