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Helianthus annuus Seed Oil (Organic), Calendula officinalis Flower Extract (Organic)

What is Calendula Oil?

This healing oil consists of organic Calendula flowers infused in Organic Sunflower Oil at a ratio of 1:10 (herb:oil). Extremely high in Vitamin A and Oleic Acid, this oil is ideal for making the skin soft and supple.

What are the benefits of using Calendula Oil on your skin?

Renowned for its calming and soothing properties on the skin, it aids tissue regeneration and is a valuable oil for treating wounds, scars, burns and inflammation. It is an ideal oil to include in a healing balm or cream for sore, chapped skin & lips.

What are the benefits of using Calendula Oil on your hair?

Ideal for use in haircare products to help lock moisture into the hair and nourish the scalp.

What does Calendula Oil look like?

A clear to pale yellow liquid.

What does Calendula Oil smell like?

Almost odourless, characteristic.

How to use Calendula Oil

Use up to 100% of this heat stable, oil soluble ingredient in products such as creams, lotions and balms. Avoid using during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

History and origins of Calendula Oil

The Calendula plant is native to the Mediterranean and is said to bloom on the first day of every month. It is thought the name Calendula originates from the Latin “kalendae”, which means little calendar/the first day of every month. Historically made into a tea or used for medicinal purposes, it has become a popular ingredient in cosmetics due to its soothing properties.

How is Calendula Oil made?

Extracted from Calendula flowers, this oil is usually made by infusing the actual flowers in an oil such as Sunflower, Coconut or Olive Oil. This infused oil can then be used on its own topically, or mixed into other ointments, creams, lotions or balms.

Is Calendula Oil suitable for vegans?


Fatty acids

Oleic Acid – 75-90%; Linoleic Acid – no more than 17%; Palmitic Acid – no more than 6%; Stearic Acid – no more than 10%; Behenic Acid – no more than 3%; Arachidic Acid – no more than 2%.

Natural contents

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E (small amount), Salicylic Acid.

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