organic rose otto facial mist


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This soothing, Certified Organic Rose Otto Facial Mist smells divine and can help calm down red and inflamed skin. It's made from the steam distillation of Bulgarian rose petals which gives it an incredible fragrance.
This toner also makes a great pillow spray - to help you relax as you go off to sleep. And it works wonders at setting your make-up, making sure you look your best all day round!
Rose water helps to retain moisture and is mildly astringent, which helps to even skin tone and improve its appearance. Rose water is particularly useful for mature, dry and sensitive skins.
 This Rose Water helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin, stimulate skin cell renewal, even out pigmentation & skin texture, reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and has a calming effect on many skin irritations such as sunburn, acne and rosacea.
Product Information
Rosa damascena 
Shelf Life
6 months after opening

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