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Dermorganics ®1388 is natural and soft Palm Free preservative of plant origin obtained from vegetable sources (Sugar cane, Star Anise, soybean and non GM corn). Dermorganics ®1388 also has anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.

Dermosoft 1388 is a multi-functional ingredient with anti-microbial properties. It is Ecocert approved and, as it is not classified as a preservative, allows the manufacturer to state preservative free claims for their finished products.

The product’s active principle is a blend of compounds found in many plants in nature. In combination with plant derived glycerol contained in this skin friendly mixture a moisturizing effect can be created. The delicate scent of Dermosoft ® 1388 will help to mask undesired odours of  raw materials but will usually not interfere with other fragrance. The gently acidic ingredients will improve the natural acidic environment of the skin. And finally, the outstanding antimicrobial activity of Dermosoft ® 1388 can convert most cosmetic formulations to self preserving products – with no further need for traditional preservatives.

Dermosoft ® 1388 is liquid and clearly water soluble and can be employed easily in surfactant based rinse off concepts, emulsions (O/W and W/O) as well as in hydroalcoholic products. To avoid recrystallization and maximum efficacy please regard the recommended use level and the pH requirements.

pH of finished products - 4.5 to 5 (Use Citric Acid or Lactic Acid to adjust the pH of your formulation). Be careful not to go below pH 4.5. Indeed our recommendation is to stay as close as possible to pH 5.0.

Although 1388 can be added to the heated water phase we recommend adding at the cool down phase 40C

Note: Although effective against bacteria and mold, 1388 is not particularly strong against yeasts. We recommend the addition of 0.3% Potassium Sorbate to offer yeast protection. If wanting a preservative free claim for your products Dermosoft GMCY at 0.3% also provides protection against yeasts. If using Potassium Sorbate or GMCY the dosage of 1388 can be reduced to 3%.

This product is approved for use in COSMOS certified products.

Product Information

Common Name
Dermorganics® 1388

    Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate

    Usage Rate
    3% to 4%


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