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Oregano oil has a wonderful savoury/herbaceous odour and is classed as a middle note. Oregano blends well with other herbaceous, minty and woodsy oils. Try it with Bergamot, Lavender, Rosemary or Tea Tree. This fragrance will make you think you're in Valencia sipping gin and nibbling the freshest olives!

Benefits include clearing of sinuses, relieving stomach cramps and fighting fungal infection. Thanks to the high levels of carvacrol, oregano oil may help fight certain types of bacteria. Used for a range of skin conditions.

Best uses include soaps, diffusers and washes due to its antibacterial properties.

Product Information

A powerful, spicy, camphor-like aroma, with a light consistency and light yellow in colour.


Latin Name
Origanum Vulgare

Extraction Method
Steam extraction

Country of Origin

Blends With
Citrus, herby, minty and woodsy oils

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