olive pomace oil, refined


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Olive Pomace oil is olive oil that is extracted from olive pulp after the first press. It is a very versatile oil that is used in manufacturing and is a great choice with soap makers.

We source our Olive Pomace Oil from Italy, where the growing conditions lead to a super mineral rich oil and historically the best quality cold pressed Olives. Pomace olive oil helps to nourish and treat dry skin.

Olive Pomace Oil can give you a healthy and smooth skin when using it as a massaging oil. As It contains similar compositions as extra virgin olive oil and comes at a cheaper price it is seen as a good substitute. Pomace is used in cold pressed soap making as it helps bind the other oils together to help the mixture set quickly. However care does need to be taken when adding essential oils and fragrance oils as saponification can happen quickly.

Product Information
Olea europaea
Extraction Method
Cold Pressed
Country of Origin
Shelf Life
18 months
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