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Rhus Verniciflua Peel Cera.

What is Berry Wax?

It is a soft wax that acts as an emollient. An easily emulsifiable wax, it helps with skin conditioning and stabilising products. With a high ester content, it mainly consists of acids such as Palmitic and Stearic acids as well Heneicosylic acid, a unique C21 fatty acid.

What are the benefits of using Berry Wax on your skin?

Rich in antioxidants, Berry Wax can form a protective barrier on the skin, locking in moisture. It is non-comedogenic and therefore kinder to the skin than some other waxes, and won’t clog the pores.

What are the benefits of using Berry Wax on your hair?

Conditioning benefits on the hair make Berry Wax ideal for use in hair products, leaving it with a silky shine.

What does Berry Wax look like?

A lusciously soft and smooth texture, Berry wax is yellow in colour and comes in convenient pellet form.

What does Berry Wax smell like?

A soft honey scent, often with a slightly sweet berry-like aroma.

How to use Berry Wax

It is ideal for use in pencils such as eyeliner and eyebrow, creams, lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses and other stick preparations. Due to being a soft wax, it isn’t suitable as a stand-alone wax

Melt our Berry Wax and use up to 20%, it has a melting range of 48-54c.

History and origins of Berry Wax

Berry Wax is extracted from the fruit of a Japanese plant called a Varnish or Lacqeur Tree.

How is Berry Wax made?

Harvested from the peel of the fruit, it is extracted by hot water and further refined by filtration and absorption.

Is Berry Wax suitable for vegans?

Yes. It is certified Kosher and Halal friendly too.

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Really helps to thicken the gloss with the organic lip base

Darren Thomas
Berry wax

Great product. Well pleased. Swift delivery well packaged.

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