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Butylene Glycol

What is Natural Butylene Glycol?

A multifunctional, performance boosting ingredient, it is an emollient and solvent which is made from plants. A natural alternative to Mono Propylene Glycol, it maintains the same amazing functions and properties.

It is a petroleum-free ingredient with 99.7% purity.

What are the benefits of using Natural Butylene Glycol on your skin?

This ingredient is the perfect choice for creating natural, more sustainable formulations for creams, soaps, perfumes and more. Butylene Glycol is a high performing solvent that works to boost preservatives, enhance viscosity and create a soothing function in your lotions and butters.

What are the benefits of using Natural Butylene Glycol on your hair?

Enhances viscosity and soothes when used in shampoos and conditioners.

What does Natural Butylene Glycol look like?

A clear liquid.

What does Natural Butylene Glycol smell like?


How to use Natural Butylene Glycol

With the ability to carry actives and hold fragrance oils, making products high performing, it maintains a strong scent and is ideal for use as an emollient, humectant, solvent, solubiliser, viscosity enhancer, preservative booster, skin-feel modifier and a carrier.

Due to its solvent nature, it works well as a plug-in diffuser base if mixed 25% fragrance oil and 75% Natural Butylene Glycol.

History and origins of Natural Butylene Glycol

Historically made from petroleum, this ingredient has been made free of petroleum and is for formulating natural and sustainable cosmetics products.

Conforms to ISO 16128-1 as natural ingredient.

How is Natural Butylene Glycol made?

Usually made from petroleum, this Natural Butylene Glycol is a proven natural solvent that is sourced naturally and made from renewable plant sugars using a fermentation process.

Is Natural Butylene Glycol suitable for vegans?



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