microfine titanium dioxide powder

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This top quality, Microfine Titanium Dioxide is considered a safe sunscreen and there are no records of adverse reactions to it.

It is not only ideal for use in lip and body balms but also in creams, powdered make-up and baby products.
Product Information
Titanium Dioxide (nano), Alumina, Simethicone

Adding 5% titanium dioxide to a product gives a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of approximately 10 and protects against 90% UVA/UVB and UVC radiation. Adding 10% gives it a SPF of 15-20. (These are only estimates).
Please note that titanium dioxide can have a slight whitening effect, especially the more you use. However, the whiteness will soon be absorbed by the skin and disappear.
How to use
Just add the powder straight to your melted balm mixture or cream and whisk thoroughly. You can re-melt the mixture with the powder slightly if it doesn't mix in at first.
According to EU regulations, if using the Titanium Dioxide as a sunscreen, there is a dosage limit of 25%. If using as a colour, there is no limit.
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