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Introducing our new Starter Assessment Bundles

We have designed these bundles to facilitate making your own cosmetics, and you can even sell them on when you purchase our corresponding starter assessment. They contain all the ingredients and packaging you need, at a discounted price, so that you can start making your products quickly and easily.

This Starter Bundle contains our easy-to-use Organic Lip Gloss Base, as well as a variety of Flavours, Essential Oils and Mica Colours. You can mix the micas to create your very own unique shades of Lip Gloss, which will moisturise your lips, leaving them soft and shiny. Please note that you cannot mix the flavours and/or the Essential Oils together.

This Starter Bundle includes enough ingredients to make either 25 or 50 Lip Glosses, the perfect quantities to start making and selling your own Lip Gloss creations!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These bundles can only be re-sold if you have already purchased our Starter Lip Gloss Safety Report.

And the best part?
You save 15% off our standard prices when purchasing this bundle. 

This Starter Assessment Bundle includes:

Lip Gloss Base

8ml Lip Gloss Containers with Silver Lid & Wand

20 pipettes

Instruction Sheet

Flavour/Essential Oils:

Organic Coconut Flavour Oil, Organic Vanilla Flavour Oil, Organic Strawberry Flavour Oil, Organic Honey Flavour Oil, Organic Cherry Flavour Oil, Organic Berry Flavour Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil, Rose Flavour Oil

Mica Colours: 

Pearlescent Frosted Rose Pearl Mica Colour, Pearlescent Jazzberry Mica Colour, Pearlescent Sangria Mica Colour, Pearlescent Coral Sparkler Mica Colour

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