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Garcinia Indica Seed Butter

What is Kokum Butter?

A 100% natural product and derived from the Kokum Tree. The emollient and oxidative properties can assist emulsion integrity. It is sold in solid form and is very malleable. It will start to melt on contact with skin making it great for lip products.

Although not as hard as some other butters, it is certainly one of the harder ones on the market and a great alternative to Cocoa Butter.

What are the benefits of using Kokum Butter on your skin?

It can be quickly absorbed by the skin making it beneficial in moisturisers and massage balms.

What are the benefits of using Kokum Butter on your hair?

Ideal for use in conditioners due to its high rate of absorption.

What does Kokum Butter look like?

A creamy coloured, sometimes yellow, hard butter.

What does Kokum Butter smell like?

Virtually odourless.

How to use Kokum Butter

Use up to 100% in lip and body balms and up to 30% in lipsticks. Much less should be used in base lotions, soaps and hair products. It is also perfect for moisturisers and conditioners.

History and origins of Kokum Butter

The fruit is only harvested in April and May and has always been collected by shaking the branches of the Kokum Tree (Garcinia indica), which is native to India, with sticks and is picked by hand. The fruit is then beaten with the sticks to separate the seeds.

How is Kokum Butter made?

Despite its name, it is an oil which is extracted directly from the Kokum Tree. The seeds are gathered by hand and dried to reduce their moisture content before undergoing the refining process.

Is Kokum Butter suitable for vegans?


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