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When making a matte eyeshadow, add Purple Interference to an eyeshadow base along with a similar base colour e.g., Manganese Violet, to create a highlight effect. Amazing in lipsticks and nail polish where they really do come into their own!

When dry, Interference/Duochrome Pigments look like plain white powder but if you rub them onto your skin or make them wet, they reveal the most amazing iridescent hues hidden within them. Spectacular used in lip gloss, nail polish, pressed eyeshadows, loose powder eyeshadows, lotions, gel candles, CP soap and M&P soap etc.

Interference pigments are made by depositing various layers of either titanium dioxide or iron oxide onto mica particles. When light hits the surface of these particles, it is then reflected and refracted by the various layers which results in multi colours. By increasing either the thickness of the titanium dioxide or the iron oxide a broad colour spectrum range can be produced. These extraordinary colours will change when viewed at various angles.

Interference Pigments should not be mixed together but used individually. Due to their complex colour changes produced through light reflection and refraction, mixing them together will only produce white. In contrast when added to absorption pigments, which are colours that are normally darker and absorb light rather than reflect, the ever changing colours of Interference will be enhanced greatly. Amazing effects can also be created in nail varnishes and liquid bases.

EU Regulation: Approved for use in all cosmetics without restriction.
Product Information

All our Mica Colours and Glitters are sourced ethically, with no use of animal testing or child labour.

How to use
To use in lip or body balms, just add the powder straight to the melted mixture and whisk in thoroughly. You may wish to add more oil to the balm as the powder can have a drying effect.
Alternatively, you can add the colour to some glycerine to form a paste, then add it to your products.
You can add the colour straight to our Base Creams & Lotions, and it will mix in well as long as you stir in thoroughly.
You can use this gorgeous colour on its own as an eyeshadow.
The dosage to use in your products completely depends on the product you're making. For a tinted lip balm/gloss, you need roughly 5-10 grams of colour per 100g of product. The more you add, the more the colour will transfer. So always add less for a coloured balm that you don't want to transfer onto the skin that much, and more for higher pigmentation. 
Mica (C.I.77019)Titanium Dioxide (C.I.77891),
Tin Oxide (C.I.77861)
Suitable for vegans.
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