high gloss white circular labels (60mm)

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These labels are permanent adhesive, high gloss, white, round and 60mm in diameter.
These high gloss labels are suitable for copier and laser printers but NOT Inkjet printers.
These labels fit perfectly on our 100ml Aluminium Tins.
Product Information
There are 12 labels to an A4 sheet.
Labels Width
60 mm
Labels Height
60 mm
Labels Across
Labels Around
Top Margin
26.2 mm
Bottom Margin
26.2 mm
Gap Across Labels
2 mm
Gap Around Labels
2 mm
Left Margin
13 mm
Right Margin
13 mm
Labels Corner Radius
0 mm
To download the Microsoft Word template for these labels, click here.

Please Note: These templates are free to download and are given to us by our supplier; we did not create them ourselves so cannot alter them. Circular labels are notoriously difficult to print on so make sure your image / text is slightly smaller than the label templates (so there is a gap around) to allow for the inevitable drift. We strongly recommend only printing one line to start with and tweaking it from there. We cannot be held responsible for any unsuitable labels printed using our templates as you are only purchasing the labels, not the templates. We also regret that we cannot offer any advice on how to use the templates. Thank you for your understanding.

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