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Derived from natural mica, this pink glitter will add sparkle to any of your products. A fantastic eco-friendly choice, this glitter is 100% plastic free and manufactured using earth friendly pigments not dyes. It is vegan friendly and more stable then conventional bio glitter. The Allure range can be painted, sprinkled or incorporated depending on the medium used. 
It has a very soft, tactile feel unlike poly glitter which is slightly abrasive. It also has a higher adhesion to any surface than poly glitter. Our glitters are non flammable so can be used for candle decorations and are solvent resistant so can be used in applications like nail polish.
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All our Mica Colours and Glitters are sourced ethically, with no use of animal testing or child labour.
Synthetic Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Carmine, Tin Oxide
All of our glitters are safe to use on the lips which makes them great additions to our Lip Gloss / Balm Bases. They can also be used in eye shadows, soaps, bath bombs and other cosmetics.
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